Behind the Scenes of Stacy and Adam’s Engagement Ring

Stacy Heyman and Adam Middleton Engagement Ring Proposal The Block

A huge congratulations to the reno king and queen - Stacy and Adam from The Block! The pair swapped their paint brushes for glasses of champagne when Adam popped the question during a luxurious weekend away. We were lucky enough to work closely with Adam to design and craft the perfect engagement ring for Stacy, which includes not only a scintillating sparkle, but intricate detail secretly hidden within the design to make their ring unique to them and their love story. 

We had a chat to Stacy and Adam to get all the ins and outs and behind the scenes of their engagement ring and proposal:

First of all, we have to ask: Do you love the ring!?  

S: I feel like that's a silly question because who couldn't love it! The sparkle alone is mesmerizing let alone the design and love that went into creating it. 


We’re also intrigued, what made you choose The Village Goldsmith?  

S: I remember going into The Village Goldsmith when I was 3 years old and helping my family pick the 4 stones (one colour for each of us) to be set in my dad's wedding band, so for me it's very nostalgic having had both parents choose and design their rings here. I now wear my mum’s engagement ring from TVG gifted to her by my dad, which feels like a nice connection. 

A: Both my parents had their wedding rings done at TVG so it was a nice connection to have ours made here too - you could say we're legacies! 


Stacy, did you know Adam was going to propose?  

S: I knew Adam had had the ring for almost two years, but of course during 2019 we were away filming half the year so I knew it was coming, but I just didn't know when - he completely surprised me! 


Adam, how did you choose the right time to pop the question?  

A: I originally had a plan to do it earlier in the year, but then the country went into lockdown so all those plans fell apart. During the midst of renovating, our house was chaotic, so Stacy booked us a weekend away to Wharekauhau and cc'd me into her emails planning our activities, little did she know I emailed back and arranged the proposal without her knowledge. 

Intricate basket details diamond halo engagement ring

What made you want to incorporate the intricate details under the basket?  

A: I always wanted the ring to be unique to us and wanted to put my own spin on it. I knew the settings Stacy gravitated towards so working closely with Ian I was able to integrate our initials into the basket. 


How does designing a detailed diamond engagement ring differ from the types of design you usually do? (Renos, Interior, Graphic, etc)  

A: It's more expensive *laughs * no, I think the main thing is that you're designing it for eternity, so it needs to have a timeless quality and is far more personal than the design we do daily. 

Cushion cut halo diamond engagement ring - Stacy and Adam from The Block

What drew you to the cushion cut halo design you chose?   

A: I knew Stacy was a fan of the cushion cut design, and I really like how the halo frames the larger diamond, but because Stacy has delicate hands, we decided to taper the diamonds on the band to appear finer.  


Stacy, did you have any ideas for an engagement ring before-hand, and had you dropped any design hints to Adam?  

S: We both had talked about the styles and shapes I liked purely because Adam had wanted to design something he knew I'd love forever and something he could inject personality into. I tried a few rings on but we'd both agreed none suited us or me quite right until we decided custom VG was the best, allowing us to add a personal touch to the design. 


Adam, when designing the ring, were you ever unsure if Stacy would like or dislike any parts of it?  

 A: I knew she was a fan of the cushion cut and halo, and by putting the design on the basket I felt like we'd always have a layer of secrecy - the ring just has that extra hidden element only we know about and isn't immediately what meets the eye. 

It was such a pleasure working with you both to create the perfect engagement ring for you and your love story. Congratulations Stacy and Adam, all the best for your next chapter. We can’t wait to work with you both to design a beautiful pair of wedding rings... and document the process – watch this space!