Ring Sizing Guide


Your ring size can vary by up to a size in any given day due to various factors including how your body reacts to exercise, heat, humidity, and water retention. When a ring fits correctly it should feel comfortable to the wearer, be firm but not uncomfortably snug when hands are warm and not so loose when hands are cold or wet as to create a danger of it slipping over the knuckle without assistance. The style of ring is also a factor as a ring with a wide band may need to be a little bigger than a ring with a finer band.

Ideally, we recommend you have your finger sized by a professional to ensure you have the most accurate sizing. We understand that this may not always be possible, particularly if the ring is a surprise. Please contact our friendly team for advice on selecting or estimating a ring size. Alternatively, you can gauge ring size by measuring the inside diameter of an existing ring. To do this take a ring that is worn on the same finger that the new ring will be worn on and draw around the inside circumference. Next measure the diameter of the circle you have drawn. The jeweller can then use this measurement when crafting the ring or you can convert it to the letter size using the ring sizing chart below. It's better to estimate slightly larger than smaller as there's nothing worse than receiving a beautiful ring that you can’t try on because it's too small. 

Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit quite right–- we can resize your ring for you up to two sizes in most cases if you contact us within 60 days. Please note that due to the complexity and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every ring we make, resizing can only be done by a Village Goldsmith expert jeweller. All warranties will be voided if you have your Village Goldsmith ring resized elsewhere.

To enquire about ring resizing or for advice on selecting your ring size contact us. 

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Sizing Chart