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You've decided to ask your partner to marry you? How exciting! Our friendly team of experts at The Village Goldsmith have put together this comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect engagement ring. 

At first, buying an engagement ring can seem like a daunting task. With so many things to consider, how do you know where to start? 

First, let's start with something, or rather someone, you know - your fiancé-to-be.

Think about what kind of jewellery they wear, what their lifestyle is like, and also if they've hinted at any ring styles while scrolling Pinterest or out shopping, for example. 

The other thing to consider, is your own personal story and whether there are any significant elements to your love story that you want reflected in the ring.  



A diamond is the most traditional choice for an engagement ring. Its pure beauty, unbeatable sparkle and hard-wearing properties make it the perfect representation of ever-lasting love. 

While diamonds are most commonly clear or bright white, they are available in a variety of stunning colours. Because fancy coloured diamonds are more rare, they tend to be more expensive than traditional white diamonds.

Coloured Gemstones

It’s important to select a stone that is strong and durable enough to withstand everyday wear. If you're looking for a coloured stone to feature in your engagement ring, we recommend sapphires and rubies due to their hardness being a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness - second only to a diamond which is 10. The
ruby is a rare and beautiful gemstone only available in shades of red. The sapphire is most famously blue, but is available in a stunning array of beautiful colours so you’ll have plenty of options.


Diamond Cut

The Cut refers to the proportions and finish of a diamond and is an important factor in the diamond's appearance. The importance of cut is often overlooked in many diamond guides but is a key element when ascertaining an overall diamond grade. A well-cut diamond will increase its brilliance, sparkle, and appeal to the eye. A poor cut can make a diamond look dull, glassy, and lack fire. 

Diamond Clarity 

Diamonds contain characteristics, each being unique to the particular diamond, just like a fingerprint. Clarity is a way of grading the extent to which the stone is free from external marks, called blemishes, or internal marks called inclusions. 
The fewer noticeable flaws, the higher the value of the diamond. Diamonds that have no inclusions are graded Internally Flawless (IF) and diamonds that have no inclusions or blemishes are graded Flawless (FL). 

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Diamond Colour 

The less colour in a diamond, the rarer it is. Colour is measured in alphabetical order beginning with the colourless range of D-F and descending to Z. The colour in a diamond is harder to detect once set in a ring, especially in yellow gold. Because of this, you may be able to choose a lower colour grading and get a higher clarity and/or carat for a similar price. Fancy colored diamonds are an exception to the rule however, these are exceptionally rare and come in a range of colours including pink, blue and yellow. 

Diamond Carat 

The weight of a diamond is expressed in carats. When deciding what diamond to choose, size is an important factor but try not to get too caught up in carat weight alone and overlook the other three Cs. When considering a size between a 0.90ct and a 1.00ct, the size difference can be marginal. So depending on your own preferences, it may be worth considering a higher quality diamond versus a larger one.

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The four Cs are just a starting point when selecting the best quality grade diamond for an engagement ring. Other factors that have an impact on the quality of a diamond include lustre, type, fluorescence, and placement of inclusions. 

It’s important that when you are comparing diamonds, you are comparing like for like. If you are deciding between a few options, make sure to ask for information about all quality factors to help make your decision. 

Learn more about Diamonds and Certification



If you know your partner will love a classic design, or if they don't currently wear jewellery, a simple yet very elegant diamond solitaire engagement ring is a great choice. Other setting styles such as a simple halo ring or three stone ring are also very popular classic styles. 

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If your partner loves florals, lace, art deco or intricate patterns, they might also love a vintage style engagement ring. 

Vintage rings are inspired by many different design trends and fashion eras of the past so there are many beautiful options available. 

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If they're the trendsetter among friends and always on the hunt for something exciting and new, a contemporary style engagement ring is sure to please. 

Can't choose between classic and contemporary? Check out The Floeting® Diamond, the latest innovation in diamond settings. 

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Bespoke Design

Maybe you both love nature or maybe you fell in love with the architecture of a building you found on a holiday together.

We're here to help tell your love story with a bespoke, custom designed ring. Including elements inspired by your own love story is a great way to make the ring full of meaning and unique to you both.

If you have a few ideas but are not sure how to bring them to life in a ring design, get in touch and our friendly and experienced team of experts would love to help.

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The round brilliant cut is just one of many options when selecting the perfect engagement ring. Below are some of the more common and popular diamond and gemstone shapes. However, we have access to many more so don't hesitate to ask. Shop engagement rings. 


Round brilliant cut diamonds are distinguished by numerous facets, shaped to maximise the white light returned through the top of the diamond, significantly increasing its fire and brilliance. 



The patented Floeting® Diamond Cut is a design patented by The Village Goldsmith. This revolutionary cut allows the diamond to be set without any claws or clasps so that more light can be reflected from every facet – enhancing the brilliance and sparkle.  



The sophisticated oval cut diamond is an elegant and unique choice for an engagement ring. An oval diamond can be cut with the same number of facets as a brilliant cut giving the potential for as much brilliance as the classic shape. The elongated shape of the oval diamond means that it can often appear larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight. 



The emerald cut diamond is distinguished by the step cuts of its pavilion and the large open table on top. Emerald cut diamonds produce a hall-of-mirrors effect, with the interplay of light and dark planes. The long lines and dramatic flashes of light give the emerald cut an elegant appeal.



The cushion cut diamond combines a square cut with round corners, resulting in a 'pillow' shape that gives it its name. The cushion cut has been around for almost 200 years and has an antique look to it.



The princess cut accentuates the diamond’s brilliance rather than its lustre. It has triangular and kite-shaped facets radiating from the center to give it higher fire and brilliance compared to other mixed cuts. This helps account for the popularity of princess cut diamond and engagement rings.



Marquise cut diamonds have elongated ends that stretch the diamond into an oval shape, creating a slender and striking look. With the brilliance and sparkle of a perfect round brilliant cut diamond, the marquise is a flattering diamond shape that has a regal feel to it.



A radiant cut diamond is distinguished by the central cross pattern created by the pavilion facets. A total of seventy facets are featured on a radiant cut diamond which has many modified forms with differing facet arrangements and combinations.



The pear cut diamond is a modified brilliant cut diamond. Pear cut diamonds are also known as teardrops and are a hybrid between the marquise cut and the round brilliant cut diamond. We individually inspect each pear cut diamond and analyse the cut dimensions to ensure maximum brilliance and scintillation. 



Diamonds and gemstones can be set within a ring to accentuate specific features or forms to achieve an overall style and aesthetic. Your choice of style will depend on the overall look you are going for and the style you think will best suit your partner and their lifestyle.

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Yellow Gold

While this is the most traditional choice, it's still a great one. Pure gold is often referred to as 24 carat (ct in UK or k in USA). This precious metal is quite soft and malleable so it's not the most suitable for jewellery that will be worn every day.  

Rather than pure gold, a gold alloy of 9k, 14k or 18k gold will be a more durable option. These alloys have been combined with other metals for strength and hardness. A higher carat grade is more expensive, richer in colour and more resistant to tarnishing. 

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Platinum & White Gold

If you prefer a white colored metal for your engagement ring the two main choices are white gold or platinum. While white gold is still a popular choice, there are many reasons why we would recommend platinum first. Platinum is the most durable and dense precious metal, meaning it will withstand the most wear and tear.  

In terms of colour, the two look virtually identical when first made. However white gold does naturally fade to a pale yellow colour with time and wear. Traditionally, rhodium plating is applied to white gold to give it a brighter white finish. This plating does wear off over time and will need to be re-done to maintain the bright white look. Platinum is naturally a white color so it will not wear or fade. 

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Rose Gold

Rose gold is alloyed with a percentage of copper, which gives it its rosy, pink tinge. With rose gold, the higher the carat grade the more subtle the pink colour appears.  

For gold in general, the lower the carat grade (therefore the higher the amount of other metals within the alloy) the greater the risk of allergic reaction. 


Does size matter?

When it comes to getting your partner’s finger size, it’s best to get as close as possible. Because we've been in the game for nearly 50 years we have a few tricks up our sleeve to help you get this information without giving away the surprise.

Read our finger sizing guide here
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What if I get it wrong?

Don’t worry, it can be resized. We understand how difficult it can be to get the size right while still trying to keep everything a surprise. That's why we offer 60 day complimentary re-sizing if the alteration required is within two size's difference.


You may have heard the old "2-3 months' salary" rule when determining how much to spend on an engagement ring. This is not as relevant today. Spend an amount you're comfortable with spending.  

The important thing is that you get value for money and select something your partner will love wearing for the rest of their lives. 

It will take approximately 3 - 6 weeks to design and craft your custom engagement ring. However, if you have an urgent request we will do everything possible to accommodate you. If we have your perfect ring in stock (it might just require re-sizing), this timeframe will be shorter. If you need it urgently, shop our range of ready to ship rings.

Yes, to learn more, visit our page on Finance and Payment Options.

Yes, we highly recommend getting your engagement ring insured. This should be the first task as soon as you have purchased your ring. Engagement rings require separate disclosure and are not covered by your general contents’ insurance. 

Still after more information or advice? Give us an email or a call here and we'd love to help you select the perfect engagement ring to delight your partner. Or check out our FAQ page for more helpful information.

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The perfect proposal is unique to every couple. You know your partner best so think about how you can make it special for them. Whether you set the scene at your favourite holiday spot, recreate your first date or arrange to do an activity they love - your proposal story will be treasured by both of you for a lifetime.
After you have proposed, please get in touch to tell us all about it and share photos.

After all, we love a good love story.