Diamond and Jewellery Certifications


Diamond Selection

The Village Goldsmith stands behind the quality, sourcing and excellent craftsmanship of our jewellery

 Most custom designed and handcrafted pieces of The Village Goldsmith jewellery come with a certificate of craftsmanship that includes a detailed description of the piece and states its estimated value.

When it comes to diamonds, no two are the same which is why an experienced diamond buyer is so important in the process of evaluating and selecting the highest quality and best value diamonds available. In most cases The Village Goldsmith buyers only purchase ~10% of diamonds actually viewed as they are highly selective. The Village Goldsmith provides most diamonds and diamond rings with certificates from the world’s most reliable and reputable diamond institutions - including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Each diamond certificate includes details of the diamond's size, colour, and clarity.

Each diamond is unique and there’s more to a diamond’s quality than the 4 Cs, however these are important considerations when selecting a diamond. The 4 Cs stand for: Carat, Cut, Colour, and Clarity. Learn more:

We are committed to sourcing materials only from trusted and reputable supplier partners. Our partner suppliers guarantee that they are not involved in funding conflict in compliance with United Nations Resolutions and that the diamonds they supply are conflict free. Learn more about our standards and practices for ethical diamond sourcing and ethical precious metal sourcing