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Custom Bespoke

Custom designed jewellery crafted to represent your unique story.

Work with our friendly team of experts to create a custom designed engagement ring
or bespoke piece of jewellery to treasure for generations. Custom designs are
handcrafted on-site at our global design studio in Wellington, New Zealand.
Clients can see our expert jewellers at work creating exceptional pieces in our
workshop and engage in the entire creative process.

To design and craft a bespoke piece usually takes between 6-8 weeks in total.

Please note we do not work with synthetic lab grown diamonds - learn why.

Initial Design Consultation

Custom bespoke starts with you

Starting your custom bespoke journey is very exciting, but can also be a little bit daunting if you don't know where to start. This is your opportunity to think about your personal style, memories that are important to you and to get inspired by designs you love. Sometimes looking at images online can get your creativity flowing. Our expert jewellery consultants are here to help.

Experts in our field

Our experienced jewellery consultants listen to your needs, your dreams, and work with you to deliver a tangible piece of fine jewellery that will hold a lifetime of memories. Our consultants have all completed internationally recognised gemmological and jewellery training so have a wealth of knowledge to help you through your journey.

Discuss your design ideas with us in person, via email, phone or virtual consultation. Our custom ring and jewellery design work is highly regarded and we'll do everything we can to provide you with the best experience and outcome.

Review and Refine

Designed to your specifications

The beauty of custom design is that we can work together on your piece of jewellery until you are completely happy with it.

We’ll present you with sketches or models, and with our extensive global network of suppliers, we can offer the best quality and value diamond or gemstone options for your budget.

The Village Goldsmith are committed to using only ethically sourced diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals from trusted and reputable supplier partners.

Digital modelling of your design

We use a combination of the latest technologies and traditional craftsmanship to bring your bespoke jewellery design to life. We test and refine the design in our CAD (computer aided design) software and can also 3D print a scale model in a special polymer for you to try on to ensure the design is correct in every detail.

Crafting your piece

Once the design has been perfected, your piece of jewellery is then handcrafted by our award-winning team of jewellers in our Wellington workshop.

From our hands to yours

Creating pieces that last generations

The value and sentimentality of your jewellery is of great importance to us and our commitment to this is forever. Your piece will come with a certificate of craftsmanship which includes a lifetime free checking and cleaning service on your investment. This service is provided by our experienced jewellers on-site at our Wellington showroom and workshop.

We look forward to helping you craft your dream piece and if you're planning on proposing with your new ring, we invite you to get in touch afterwards and tell us all about it. After all, we love a good love story.

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