Tax Free Purchases

If you’re an overseas visitor or are planning on heading abroad, we can arrange for you to collect your Village Goldsmith engagement ring or fine jewellery piece from any New Zealand international terminal, which will allow you to remove the 15% GST from your original price. 

Tax free purchases are subject to a compulsory airport handling and insurance charge of $400. We will factor this handling fee into any tax free quotes we provide you with. 

To make sure this is a smooth and easy process, here are a few rules you must follow: 

  • The owner/purchaser of the jewellery item must be the individual that is travelling. 
  • The item must be intended for personal use, not re-sale. 
  • If you are purchasing this piece tax free as a gift, you must present the gift (or engagement ring) to the recipient while you are away overseas. If you wish to present the jewellery after your return to New Zealand you may be required to pay the GST upon re-entry to New Zealand. 
  • Full payment for the piece must be made to The Village Goldsmith within 28 days of your New Zealand departure date. Items purchased more than 28 days prior to departure are not eligible for duty free purchase.
  • After you have cleared customs and immigration at your international departure airport, you must present your copy of the “Tax Free Sales Receipt” and a form of identification at the airport collection point to collect your jewellery. Our staff will give you guidance about where the collection point is located within the airport. 
  • You must pick up your jewellery prior to your flight leaving New Zealand. You cannot pick it up on a return flight. Please note that if you forget to pick up your jewellery prior to departure, you may be required to pay the GST when you pick it up upon your return to New Zealand. 
  • Ask about tax free purchasing when enquiring about our diamond engagement rings or fine jewellery and our friendly team of experts can guide you through how this might work for you.  

We will always try to work with you to secure your perfect piece. Learn more about finance and payment options.

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