From Game Chat to Forever | Anna and Alex's Story

At the end of 2023 our jewellery consultant, Chelsea, had the pleasure of assisting Anna and Alex who were visiting family in New Zealand. Little did they know that their trip would lead them to The Village Goldsmith where they discovered their perfect engagement ring!  
Words by Alex 
We met online through a game chat at the end of 2014 while I was living in NZ and she lived in Sweden. As our friendship developed and blossomed into long distance love it became apparent that I had to make a difficult choice. Eventually I moved to Sweden in the middle of 2016 and we have been living together ever since - surviving through the pandemic lockdown and travel ban. It was only this year that we managed to visit family in NZ for the second time in 6 years. 
Anna-Karin never felt the need to get married during those years, however it became apparent that something changed lately when some very obvious hints were sent my popping into jewellery stores and trying engagement rings "just to see how they fit". After seeing several engagement rings in Sweden we also did the same on our trip to NZ, visiting various jewellery stores and trying rings "for fun." However, we didn't find anything that felt special. 
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After almost giving up finding anything in NZ she found Village Goldsmith after searching online for engagement rings. After visiting your store and trying some designs we settled on a standard solitaire ring that we were going to get custom made. I remember we walked out of the Village Goldsmith and we had one last look at the shop window and saw The Floeting® Diamond section. Then the Narrative Collection range made us walk back in and ask to try them on. It was then that the Pikorua design made her eyes tear up when trying it on and we knew this had to be it. 
It was the first day of 2024 while the two of us were sightseeing at Massey Memorial on a beautiful warm sunny day with the breathtaking open panoramic view of the Wellington region from the top of the hill making it the ideal location and moment for me to go down on one knee and propose to her with a little fake ring. After she said yes, we could not wait for The Village Goldsmith to reopen after the holidays so we could pop in and finalise the design and customisations for the real engagement ring. If only the ring could have been made in a day! But we had to leave NZ and return home, then wait patiently while our precious ring was being created. Once the ring arrived in Sweden, I of course had to propose again - this time with the real ring, though the surroundings were not as breathtaking as the first time. Wellington, NZ and Massey Memorial will always hold a special place for both of us. 
Congratulations Anna and Alex and thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. Your picture-perfect proposal at the Massey Memorial warms our hearts!  Please pop back in when you next visit New Zealand, we’d love to see you again. 
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