Modern Art Nouveau Style Jewellery - Darren's Mystery Box Aquamarine Pendant

Each month we give one of our jewellers a mystery box filled with some metals and gemstones. It’s up to them to design and craft whatever they wish!
Modern Art Nouveau Aquamarine Pearl Jewellery | The Village Goldsmith

"Art is a line around your thoughts" - Gustav Klimt

Darren is a jeweller with 17 years experience in crafting fine jewellery. He is often inspired by Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles but likes to give his designs a modern twist.

Darren’s mystery box contained an aquamarine of an unusual shape, with two straight edges and one curved. Also in the box was a natural South Sea pearl. With these precious stones, a pendant design was the logical choice.

With old-world styles in mind, Darren hand sketched a pendant design that balanced the curved shape of the aquamarine with an open space filled with curling shapes of yellow gold filings. This gives a light and airy feeling to the piece and complements the light blue tone of the aquamarine, rather than making the piece feel too heavy. Swirling Art Nouveau-inspired shapes of white gold border the design.

Darren chose to craft his pendant in 9 carat white gold and 18 carat yellow gold. The piece is completely hand crafted and took 22 hours to make.