Inspiring Imagination to Take Flight

“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?” – Zaha Hadid 
Glidar ring 
What defines a ring? Glidar was designed as an experiment to help answer that. It's not practical in any sense, but why should it be? It can be worn and is surprisingly comfortable, but it would never survive the rigours of everyday life. It looks best resting on a coffee table, where its architectural and bold lines invite you to marvel at how 51 tiny diamonds are suspended in such a thin section of white gold. Is it a ring, is it a sculpture? Call in and try it on, only you can decide.

A playful nature and open approach to new possibilities is grounded in our deep  respect for the craft of designing and making jewellery.  

For over four decades, we've worked to push the boundaries of design and creativity, challenging ourselves to create unexpected and extraordinary jewellery that surprises and delights. Join us on a journey where inspiration takes flight. 
Inspired Collection rings featuring Patai Pear Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring, Circlipd Radiant Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring and Manhattan Diamond Ring
The Inspired Collection celebrates clean, and  innovative designs inspired by the beauty of our everyday surroundings. 
Designed for everyday wear, these pieces seamlessly blend playful themes with sophisticated lines and meticulous craftsmanship, holding the diamonds in tension style settings with no clasps to spoil the lines of the form. 
The innovative designs of The Inspired Collection have resonated with clients around the world— receiving recognition as a finalist in the Bridal Collection of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards and multiple Best Awards from the New Zealand Design Institute.

Inspired by the celebratory moment a cork is popped on a bottle of champagne. That instant when the bubbles spin and the cork explodes out of the bottle signalling that festivities will begin.
Popped marquise diamond solitaire ring crafted in platinum
popped ring inspiration
Inspired by the nostalgic playground game, Hopscotch features  princess cut and baguette cut diamonds forming a grid pattern to represent the joyful experience of 'hopping'  from one space to another as a child. You can capture those memories every day wearing this modern and practical design.

Watching rhythm gymnastics and those beautiful moments when the ribbon unfurls and flows through the air inspired the Ribbond ring, crafted in flowing platinum to suspend the diamond in that moment in time. 
Ribbond Ring designed and crafted by The Village Goldsmith
Take a closer look at our Inspired Collection and discover more creative designs only found at The Village Goldsmith. 
Get in touch with our team of friendly experts and let your creativity fly as you dream up a piece of jewellery to represent you unique stories and memories.