Honey, I'm Trying To Save The Planet!

Daisy and Bee Collection | The Village Goldsmith

Designed with nature at the forefront of our minds, our Daisy and Bee Collection represents what keeps our world thriving: bees pollinating flowers and supplying us with fruitful crops. It features a range of gorgeous jewellery designs, consisting of pendants, rings and earrings crafted in stunning sterling silver with intricate gold plating.  

Our Daisy and Bee Collection aims to illustrate the importance of bees to humanity, and to raise awareness of bee endangerment. To create awareness around the importance of flowers, herbs and vegetable gardens for bees, we plan to give away a packet of seeds with each purchase of our bee jewellery. We want this collection to make a difference and in turn symbolise positive change, and as September is Bee Awareness month, now is the perfect time to do so.

In order to make a difference to the world of bees, environmental awareness is essential. To help save the bees we can help with their pollination by maintaining a healthy garden full of bee-friendly plants. Furthermore, we can teach our future generations to do the same. Flowers, herbs and even some vegetables can be a lifeline for bees, and as bees are part of our lifeline there has never been a more important time to ensure our bees are safe. 

The community driven organisation Garden to Table focuses on healthy gardens and nutritious food by helping kids build life skills through practical, hands on classes. It is a comprehensive food education program where children learn how to grow and cook fresh food while developing their environmental awareness. Teaching kids these lifelong skills aids in the pollination and fruition of our crops and in turn keep the bees busy! 

Planting bee-friendly plants in our gardens will help to keep the bee population thriving and our ecosystem intact. Treat yourself - and the bees - by purchasing the beautiful Bee Pendant, Bee Stud Earrings, or the Bee and Daisy Ring and get a packet of bee-friendly plant seeds so you can help make a difference.

About Our Bee Jewellery 

To find the perfect piece for your jewellery collection and simultaneously help save the bees, read more about a few of the collection’s designs below: 

Bee Pendant - Crafted in Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold

The queen bee to the hive, is like air to our lungs: crucial for life. She is solely responsible for the reproduction of worker bees and drones. The Bee Pendant subtly reveals the significance of this process through the idea of displaying one essential bee. 

Daisy and Bee Ring - Crafted in Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold

The perfect new addition to your jewellery box, the Daisy and Bee Ring encompasses the importance of bees and their pollination of flowers by connecting them through a swirling strand of sterling silver; just how mother nature anticipated.  

Bee Stud Earrings - Crafted in Sterling Silver and Yellow Gold

Did you know 75% of flowers rely on pollination for fertilisation? Encourage the bees to pollinate the flowers or herbs in your garden, and while you’re at it, add a little buzz to your day with our Bee Stud Earrings