'Got The Love Bug?' Window Display

A fresh and unique window display has been installed in our Wellington showroom that exhibits our fun and quirky side while remaining sophisticated and elegant. 

Window Display

What was at first, an unintentional play on words said during one of our design team meetings, having the 'love bug' became the inspiration behind our latest window display with golden metallic beetles. The display alludes to the idea of realising you are under the spell of love. We understand these warm and fuzzy feelings for that special someone: we work with people celebrating their love every day! We believe this depiction of love is representative of the fun and cheerfulness within our store that is experienced when browsing our jewellery and interacting with our staff. 

Our new window display features aspects of gold throughout; with gold and glass lanterns as well as hydrangea flowers which have been dried and spray-painted gold. An aim of this window is to display more of our jewellery, giving pedestrians a broad indication of the unique designs we have to offer. 

Golden Chandelier in The Village Goldsmith Wellington Shop

The aspects of gold within the display ties in nicely not only with our yellow gold jewellery, but also the golden chandelier featured in our store. The chandelier is made from restored old engineering and tooling objects, which was handmade by the founder and head designer of The Village Goldsmith, Ian Douglas, along with the help of his brother.  

Using only three different objects of the same golden colour palette and repeating these throughout the display has created a presence among the jewellery. This captures the attention of passersby without being overwhelming or taking away from the pieces on display. Playing with height for this jewellery display, we’ve hung lanterns from the ceiling of the window display cabinet, as well as sitting them along the bottom. 

The play on levels is reminiscent of the jewellery cabinets inside our store as we often use levels and height to our advantage within these. Echoing this layout amongst the new window display has created a flow between our outdoor window display and in-store showcases. 

Golden beetles inside village goldsmith showroom and cabinets.

The 'Got The Love Bug?' display will be featured in our shop windows for a couple more weeks, we would love for you to come and check it out!  

Our design team is already getting to work on preparing the upcoming display, stay tuned for updates and the unveiling of the next exciting display.