Emerging Through Your Surroundings: 'Emerge' Golden Zircon Ring

“There is a degree of the visual perfection [in the natural world],
but there’s always a little element where something is not quite as it seems.”
- Ian Douglas, Founder and Head Designer for The Village Goldsmith
Emerge golden zircon yellow gold ring contemporary modern solitaire dress ring design

The Emerge Ring was inspired by the evolution of nature. Intrigued by the way something may grow relative to restrictions of its environment. It’s only when challenging its surroundings, the final structure appears and settles. This ring expresses what happens in the natural world through a luxurious form, using a luminous golden zircon and fine strands of yellow gold.

Emerge features an intersection of curving lines that ultimately fold and intersect around the finger and beyond. The ring is designed to sit beautifully atop the wearer’s finger and to create extravagance through height. However, what is more interesting, is how these asymmetrical lines ultimately balance each other, in order to unfurl and clasp the golden zircon.

Emerge golden zircon contemporary modern 18ct yellow gold solitaire dress ring design

Featuring a stunning 8.21ct wide oval cut golden zircon, with hints of orange, brown and yellow, the gemstone showcases an intense and fiery glow. Paired with gleaming 18ct yellow gold that curves and folds, intersecting underneath the gemstone as well as across the finger. Four asymmetrical claws, created by the flow of corresponding gold rising to the surface, clasp the zircon, keeping it in place.  

The technical vision for this piece started from an exploration of shape and form. When you look at this piece from any direction, you can study its purposeful asymmetry which was indeed deliberate. 

Between our designers, jewellers and setter, Emerge was brought to life through an almost two day process. First, initial pencil sketches were put to paper, before deciding on the perfect design to move ahead with. Once finalised, the design was then given to our CAD engineers, who created a digital 3-dimensional image and photo real renders of the design. It was then passed on to the workshop, where our master jewellers hand finished the ring. The yellow gold casting was filed down to a high standard of smoothness, and polished to a perfect, reflective shine.

emerge golden zircon contemporary solitaire dress ring modern design 18ct yellow gold

Our talented setter then positioned the beautiful zircon within its mounting. It was ensured that the four claws softly embraced only the edges of the stone to keep as much of the tangerine hued zircon on display, and thus allow as much light to reflect through as possible for maximum sparkle and lustre.

We strive to create uniquely designed jewellery based on intriguing inspiration and stories. Even the smallest spark or vision can create the most elaborate of designs. Emerge is a prime example of bringing a simple thought or process to life through a tangible object.

If you would like to create your own uniquely designed piece of jewellery, enquire about our custom bespoke process.