A Moment On The Lips

 A gorgeous chartreuse colour sapphire wets the lips of this golden kiss. Tasty little morsels of diamond delight are falling in front of you... How can you resist?

A Moment On The Lips Yellow Gold Sapphire Pear cut diamonds Pendant

Let your imagination run wild and find magic and beauty in the unexpected. A Moment On The Lips is a true reflection of Ian’s long-time passion for Surrealism and pays tribute to the great Salvador Dali. Heath, our talented jeweller had been given the challenge from Ian to craft this whimsical pendant, and without a doubt, he skilfully brought the idea to life.

A Moment On The Lips wax sculpture

To begin with, Heath started with a wax model where he sculpted the right height and depth of the lips’ shape. He patiently whittled the wax sculpture until it was in the desired proportions to ensure the sapphire would fit. Once both Heath and Ian were happy with the shape, Heath cast the 18ct yellow gold from his wax model, then meticulously filed and polished them to achieve a perfect finish.

A Moment On The Lips crafting process

Once Heath completed the gold lips, he moved on to the gold wires, which connect the main pendant with the chain and diamonds. Heath modelled these from silver to ensure the accurate position of the curves and bends before using gold to craft the wires.

The next step was to handcraft the settings in platinum for the pear-cut diamonds and carefully set them in place. Heath then polished all components individually, soldered the elements together and laser-welded the gold wire base so the 6.02ct green sapphire is held securely within the pendant.

A Moment On The Lips view from the back

After 40 hours of fine craftsmanship, the final result is unique and captivating with a gorgeous silhouette. A Moment on The Lips pendant is crafted in 18 carat yellow gold, featuring a 6.02ct green sapphire and decorated with two pear-cut diamonds together totalling 0.51ct set in platinum. 

A Moment On The Lips Yellow Gold Sapphire Pear cut diamonds Pendant on model

From all angles you can watch the fluid gold wires twist, turn and pierce through the lips to  gracefully dangle the diamonds just out of reach, enticing you to take a closer look at this breath-taking piece of wearable art.