Tickled Pink: Parth & Lucie’s Bespoke Engagement Ring Journey

We recently had the pleasure of collaborating with Parth, who is based in Sydney, Australia, to design and craft the perfect bespoke engagement ring for his partner, Lucie. Being based in Sydney meant every step of the design process was completed remotely via phone calls and emails – and it went without a hitch.

Pink themed proposal and pink sapphire and diamond halo engagement ring

The Design Process

Before they started looking for an engagement ring, Parth and Lucie knew they wanted something classic and elegant. Parth says it is his family’s culture that the groom has a jeweller custom craft an engagement ring for their bride.

Parth and Lucie each began looking at ring designs and together decided a blush pink gemstone would be the perfect centre piece for their engagement ring. While they were looking at possible engagement ring designs to draw inspiration from, “Lucie’s mum mentioned a local store in Wellington that creates beautiful jewellery. We showed my Mum the website and she liked the jewellery too, so we decided on Village Goldsmith” says Parth.

After viewing a few pieces that feature in our Inspiration Gallery, Parth got in touch online and started collaborating with our lovely online jewellery consultant, Colleen. Over email and phone calls Parth and Colleen discussed Lucie’s dream bespoke engagement ring. Colleen was determined to find the perfect gemstone for Parth and Lucie, and after sourcing a few options came back to Parth with a stunning blush pink sapphire, “And that was it! We had found our stone.” - Parth

Parth and Lucie worked with Colleen to finalise the ring’s details during the CAD design process, making minor adjustments to ensure the ring was unique to them and that every part of the design was perfect.

The Proposal

Words by Parth Mehta

Since we were purchasing overseas from Australia, I felt a little concerned. It was a huge purchase and at that time we could not travel due to Covid restrictions. However, since Lucie’s parents live in Wellington, we knew we could ask them to visit the store if we had any issues. Colleen patiently answered all my queries (and I had a bunch of them) then walked me through the complete process of buying the ring and delivery. When I first saw the in-progress photos, it hit me that this was actually happening. Kinda grew up in a moment if you will. From that point on, I couldn’t wait to have the ring with me.

Platinum precious metal halo engagement ring being crafted in jewellery workshop
Platinum precious metal halo engagement ring being crafted in jewellery workshop

I started making preparations for the proposal. I decided on a pink theme to match the ring. I got light pink bows for our dogs and had a 3D printing shop make me a Super Mario ring box (as we both love playing video games). I bought flower petals to decorate the house and a pink jacket to match the ring.

After I received the ring, I looked at it every single day. My parents, Lucie’s parents, Lucie’s sisters - in fact everyone apart from Lucie - knew about and had seen the ring. Over the next few weeks, I received everything I needed for the perfect proposal. And finally I got my chance. On March 26, she left to go out with friends for dinner and drinks. She left around noon and the moment she did, I started the preparations. I put up all the decorations, got my clothes washed and steamed and got the dogs groomed up. Around 11:45 at night, she messaged saying she was on her way home. I then had about 20 mins to get everything ready!

I put the bows on the dogs, changed into my clothes and spread the rose petals on the floor. I had Super Mario theme music playing in the background. I had been training the dogs to sit next to me and they were just perfect. The moment she entered the door, I opened the case and that was the first time she saw the ring. She shed a few tears and said yes! She loves the ring and we are currently planning our wedding for March next year.

Pink themed proposal, French Bulldogs in pink bowties and Super Mario ring box

What an exceptional story Parth. Your planning and execution of the proposal was fantastic, right down to Tama and Kora’s pink bowties, no wonder Lucie said ‘yes'! It was a pleasure to work with you to create such a special ring for her, creating personal individual items which mean so much to people is part of our DNA and what gets us out of bed each day. Thank you, we feel privileged to be able to share a part of your love story.

It’s immensely satisfying to work with clients to bring their dreams to life, and to celebrate the exciting milestones in life which jewellery so wonderfully represents. We love capturing memories within beautiful jewellery designs, and how such jewellery can tell stories for years to come. 

If you’d like to custom design your own piece of jewellery, please get in touch and tell us what wonderful ideas you would like to bring to life.