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We’ve created a little oasis in our store that celebrates all the things that we put passion into and craft.  

The Village Goldsmith Wellington Jewellery Showroom Entrance Victoria Street

Our showroom’s concept and inspiration is based on upcycling unique objects from bygone days. Old blacksmiths irons, brass blow torches, iron tractor wheels, gang mower blades to name a few, have been repurposed to form various aspects and features within our store. Our unique jewellery showcase stands, large chandelier, and huge mirror are all built using items from a time of vastly different thought processes. These were utilitarian objects designed to combine form and function and to last, in an era that embraced an alternate ideology to modern day consumerism and throwaway society. 

Giving new life and meaning to these objects reflects our values as designers and craftspeople, demonstrating a commitment to also create beautiful and enduring objects that will stand the test of time. 

We take on the same philosophy used to create these tools, turned design features, when crafting our jewellery; high quality pieces built to last. Our aim with recycling the unique artefacts and repurposing them as decorative items within our showroom is to portray the message that we also put a lot of time, thought and energy into crafting jewellery pieces that people can enjoy, and hand down through generations. 

Repurposing these old items was a lot of fun and hard work. Cleaning off the patina of dust and time revealed some beautiful colours of copper, brass, and steel. This colour palette then drove the choice of the other colours which feature in our showroom, especially the original concrete columns of the Dominion Building. These were repainted to portray the same gold, copper, and brass tones, with added hints of green. The texture of the columns was achieved using a big floor broom, by applying up and down brush strokes. The carpet, too, is specially stitched in the same colour palette, featuring circular shapes, somewhat symbolic of rings

To create a warm and welcoming entrance way and because we all connect to nature, we constructed a large living green wall. Fed three times a day and tended by our gardeners twice a month, it’s a wonderful and ever-changing vista upon entering the store. It creates an environment that produces oxygen, filters the air, and provides a comfortable and healthy atmosphere for clients and staff. 

The Village Goldsmith Living Wall Green Plants Jewellery Showroom Wellington

Another feature is the chandelier, designed by The Village Goldsmith Founder and Director, Ian Douglas, and built with care and attention by his engineer brother, Brent. It’s built from old primus burners, backpack spray units and old soldering irons, it creates a lighting feature like nothing else. Featuring golden strands connecting downward to a point with LED lights carefully threaded through each attached object. Sited above our design appointment tables, the rays of light reflect down not only upon the facets of each gemstone below, but also gives each precious metal the opportunity to bask in the light and give off a glimmer which proves the brilliance and high quality of our pieces. 

Beautiful gold chandelier built from antique tools and LED lights

Ian also crafted a unique frame from copper sheeting salvaged from the previous store to surround the largest piece of mirror glass possible to source at the time, the finished mirror measures 3.73 metres by 2.45 metres. The frame’s design reflects the one-of-a-kind features throughout our showroom, tying all the aspects together. 

Huge Mirror with Unique Handcrafted Copper Sheeting Frame

Modern jewellery stores often have a sterility about them, becoming spaces that intimidate rather than invite. We wanted to create one that excites and welcomes customers instead. 

With this goal in mind, we built a large window into the wall between our jewellery showroom and workshop. This was purposeful in the fact that it not only demonstrates the transparency between our processes and customers, but also allows customers to actually watch their piece being crafted. We are very proud of the fact that we craft our jewellery locally here in New Zealand within our own purpose-built state of the art workshop which is attached to the showroom. We get excited every time we craft a new piece, and we want our customers to be able to see and feel that excitement for themselves as well. 

The desire is for our space to demonstrate genuine value with fine hand-crafted creations, objects which are designed to be enjoyed visually, but also to last and endure. We wanted our store to reflect an array of individuality, and through each unique aspect and feature within our showroom, we hope to reflect our own passion and craftsmanship. 

The Village Goldsmith Jewellery Showroom Wellington New Zealand

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