Scarpa: Inspired by architecture

“If the architecture is any good, a person who looks and listens will feel its good effects without noticing.” - Carlo Scarpa

The Scarpa Ring was designed by our talented CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Designer, Callum. The concept was born in an endeavour to create a range of men's jewellery designs that have a style and story that is their own. 

Scarpa Men's Ring, inspired by architecture Carlo Scarpa, silver 9ct gold

The Scarpa Ring is inspired by Carlo Scarpa’s architecture, expressed through precision detail using a combination of modernism, historicism and craftsmanship. Designed with aspects of roughness that are accentuated by clean and crisp lines, similar to those of the Brion Cemetery in San Vito d'Altivole near Treviso, Italy, the ring takes inspiration from the geometric step motif found throughout Scarpa's work.

Carlo Scarpa architecture that inspired our Scarpa men's jewellery ring design

Images sourced from D+A Magazine and The Present Tense

“I wanted to take these architectural details Scarpa incorporated into his work and implement them on a smaller scale in the form of jewellery. I also thought about the parallels between architecture and jewellery in general. The architectural spaces we inhabit generate a specific mood, which in turn affects our mood. Similarly, jewellery is used to decorate one's personal space, which can affect the mood of the individual and those around them. I found this link quite interesting.” - Callum 

Scarpa Ring men's ring design on jeweller's work bench sketches overlay

Evolving different ideas, Callum then settled on one design in particular; eponymously titled The Scarpa Ring. He then explored how the gold bar could be attached to the sterling silver without soldering, to preserve the crisp lines of the form. He says this was the most challenging aspect of the design but was keen to pay tribute to the style of Scarpa’s work.

CAD process images of Scarpa being created including riveting technique

While collaborating with our master craftsman, Ben, and evolving the design in CAD, the pair decided on the traditional method of riveting. This consists of creating pins at the bottom of the gold bar, which fit into small holes within the silver ring. Hammering the ends of the metal causes it to warp, locking it into place inside the silver. Speaking like a true jeweller, Ben says “That was probably the most fun detail, we were using very modern techniques like CAD design, but then also using a very old-school, traditional, technique to fix the pieces together.” 

When it came to finishing the casting in the workshop, Callum worked with Ben to ensure the ring was brought to life in the manner he’d envisioned. “I liked the idea of keeping the silver rough like the concrete used in Scarpa's work, drawing attention to the gold details. The dark oxidisation also helps accentuate the gold.” Oxidisation in jewellery is the process of blackening metal and it works exceptionally well with sterling silver. The entire surface of the ring was finished as such, with the exception of the gold bar, creating a stark contrast. 

Scarpa men's ring design oxidised sterling silver 9ct yellow gold fine jewellery

Oxidisation does wear down the more a piece is worn, but in this case, it becomes a benefit. "Originally we wanted to oxidise the full ring and then partially remove some blackened areas to give it a worn look, but it looked so good completely black that we decided we’ll leave it like that, allowing the ring to change and evolve naturally as it’s worn by the wearer.” - Ben 

Men's ring jewellery designs in architecture inspired window display

The Scarpa Ring is another 'step’ in our desire to create meaningful jewellery that can be worn and enjoyed every day. We believe jewellery tells a story, and it’s up to the wearer as to how that story is told. Is The Scarpa Ring destined to be a part of your tale?