Sandrift Collection: Ride the Dunes, Not the Wave

The Sandrift Collection: designer solitaire diamond rings crafted in 18ct yellow gold

During a trip to Te Horo beach along the West Coast of New Zealand, The Village Goldsmith founder and designer, Ian Douglas, discovered a remarkably well-worn yet inspiring piece of driftwood. The driftwood's ridges and swirls evoked memories of summers spent at 90 Mile Beach where bodyboarding down the expansive sand dunes is not to be missed. Ian was inspired with the way the organic curves within the wood reflected the freeing act of riding down the sand dunes, which sparked a new idea.

While it’s easy to see the natural beauty of New Zealand’s amazingly contrasting beaches, it’s not so simple to take in the depths of each and every aspect that make up the wondrous seascape. For a master craftsman, however, this way of thinking is second nature.

Fluvial Ring from the Sandrift Collection
The Fluvial Ring crafted in yellow gold - The Sandrift Collection

Reminiscing upon the rolling yet sharp contours of the golden-brown sand dunes, and the earlier discovery of an outstanding piece of driftwood, was all it took for the Sandrift collection to take shape in Ian’s mind. It was clear that the collection needed to recreate the soft sweeping waves of sand with 18ct yellow gold, but that was simply not enough. The pieces required something more.

Te Horo and 90 Mile Beaches are not only made up of sand dunes and driftwood - an impressive stretch of Tasman Sea also brushes the shore. Alongside 18ct yellow gold there must be something spectacular; the sparkle of the sea on a clear blue day had to be represented by none other than brilliant cut diamonds. We only use ethically sourced, Kimberley Process compliant diamonds at The Village Goldsmith, and this collection would be no exception. Each diamond is personally selected for each design we create - essential when crafting the Sandrift series.

Lyall Ring in yellow gold from Sandrift Collection
The Lyall Ring from The Sandrift Collection in yellow gold, named after Wellington's Lyall Bay

Every beach has a beautiful setting, but each has its own unique character. That is why we knew we had to make the design of each Sandrift ring just as stunning - to honour the gorgeous New Zealand coastline. The ridges in driftwood and soft patterns in sand dunes are beautifully replicated in every aspect of the Sandrift series. The pieces that make up the collection come together to beautifully illustrate New Zealand’s most naturally spectacular sights.

'Cove' from the Sandrift Collection, crafted in yellow gold
'Cove' from The Sandrift Collection, crafted in yellow gold

The Village Goldsmith team prides themselves on innovation and creativity, which is precisely what this new collection encompasses. The rings are not your typically styled solitaire ring, but are unique and different.

Dress or engagement, The Sandrift Collection’s tie to the natural formation of New Zealand beaches would be the perfect backdrop to any love story. Particularly for those who feel a close connection to their home, which is a substantial reason behind Ian’s motivation for bringing these designs to life.