Propose within your bubble...

While our doors may be closed for the moment and shopping for an engagement ring in store might be out of the picture, getting creative and proposing within your bubble using whatever you can find, certainly isn’t! 

The staff at The Village Goldsmith had a little fun yesterday while working remotely from home, finding bits and bobs from within our bubbles and crafting them into ‘engagement rings’. This fun activity shows you can propose with anything as a placeholder ring, and then once the lockdown has lifted, we’d love to help you and your partner design your perfect engagement ring together

Here’s some of the creative rings our staff have pulled together: 

Heath's 'Cork and Cable Tie' ring:

Bryleigh's 'Stuck with Me Forever' Blutack ring:

Bridget's 'Pop(corn) the Question' ring:

Colleen's Nature Inspired Succulent and Tinfoil ring:

...and the upgraded version 'You Light Up My Life':

Allette's 'Paper Sketch' ring:

(Top tip: draw your own ring, or print out a picture from our website, cut it out and use it to propose!)

George's 'Lockdowned to Love' engagement ring collection:

Chris' Origami Engagement ring (made by his girlfriend, Eleanor):

Char's 'I Love You a Latte' ring, made by her boyfriend, Luke:

Anna's 'The Essential' toilet paper ring (presented by Lego Men):

Steve's 'Pop the Champagne, Pop the Question' ring:

Chris B's 1 "Carrot" Solitaire (presented by Elle):

1 Carrot diamond ring

Jo's Copper and Pearl Button ring:

Ian's Tinfoil Engagement Ring collection:

Kope's Christmas Bauble ring:

Felicity's 'Lego Unicorn' ring:

Hannah's Scorched Almond Solitaire ring:

Trish's 'Three Stone Curtain Ring':

Colleen's Easter Egg Wrapper ring:

Char's 'It's Moments Like These We Need Minties' ring:

Anna's 'You Give Me Fireworks' baking paper ring:

Whether you're planning to pop the question or simply create a unique homemade jewellery item, make sure to tag us on Instagram or Facebook, we'd love to see your creations!

If you do use this time to pop the question with a homemade placeholder ring, we'd love to then work with you and your partner to craft your perfect engagement ring.

Feel free to browse our online engagement ring selection now and get some ideas, or find out more about our custom bespoke process... we can even start the process remotely during the lockdown, and then once Alert Level 4 has lifted, we can open our workshop doors again and physically craft your ring!