10ct Diamond Lotus Flower Ring

Having built a reputation for design innovation, fine craftsmanship and exceptional value, Ian Douglas and the team at The Village Goldsmith relish in the opportunity to work with clients from all around the globe on special commission jewellery items.

We were recently approached by an international client to design and craft an important ring for his wife that would feature a 10ct round brilliant cut diamond. His request was for a ring design that would show such a large diamond to its best advantage and incorporate craftsmanship and detailing that reflected the couple’s culture and interests. 

10ct Loose Diamond Placed on Hand next to a 1ct Loose Diamond to compare size
10ct loose diamond placed on hand next to a 1ct loose diamond to compare difference in size.

The finished ring, valued at 1.2 million dollars, is crafted in platinum and designed similar to that of a flower; an opening lotus blossom, that holds the diamond in its petals. Smaller diamonds are also set along the band to add even more sparkle to the already stunningly bright diamond. Designer and Founder of The Village Goldsmith, Ian Douglas, hand-drew the design, which was then developed by The Village Goldsmith CAD design team to exacting proportions.

One of our master jewellers and one of our diamond setters then hand finished the lotus-flower ring and precision set the 10ct diamond, as well as each of the smaller diamonds. The experienced and talented team of craftspeople agree it is a design and ring they are extremely proud of. 

10ct Diamond Lotus Flower ring being crafted in our Wellington Workshop
The 10ct Diamond Lotus Flower ring being crafted in our Wellington Workshop by our Master Jewellers

The 10ct diamond is a rare white colour with a perfect cut, ‘Triple Excellent’, meaning the Cut, Polish and Symmetry are all certified by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as being Excellent. The result is a diamond of exceptional size and all-round brilliance. 

10ct diamonds of such quality are very rare, and it was an honour to be chosen by this client to design and craft this ring for his wife. He could have used any jeweller in the world to undertake such a request, but saw our reputation of design innovation, fine craftsmanship and exceptional value and chose The Village Goldsmith to bring his dream to life. 

10ct Diamond Lotus Flower Ring on Hand
The 10ct Diamond Lotus Flower ring on hand, illustrating the magnitude of the diamond centrepiece

The 1.2 million dollar 10ct diamond ring now resides happily on his wife’s hand and we are looking forward to creating further items for them both in the future. 

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