An Ocean Proposal: Te Kawa and Rebecca's New Zealand story

The Most Precious Treasures Are Those That Mean The World To You: Te Kawa and Rebecca’s Story

Living on an island nation like Aotearoa, it’s only natural that we have a special connection to the ocean and its many precious treasures. When Te Kawa decided to ask Rebecca to marry him, he wanted to present her with a special treasure of their own. Te Kawa worked with our team at The Village Goldsmith to craft a custom-designed engagement ring. The unique diamond ring captures his strong connection to the ocean, his Māori heritage, the concept of unity and, above all, his love for Rebecca.

For Te Kawa, it was important that the ring was designed and crafted locally in Wellington, and that he could be involved in the process. He proposed to Rebecca while on a sailing trip in the idyllic Bay of Islands.

The design and craft of Te Kawa and Rebecca’s engagement ring

Te Kawa discussed his ideas and the process of designing and crafting such a ring with Chris Benham and designer Ian Douglas.

“Prior to going in to see the team at The Village Goldsmith, I was quite daunted about the task of designing an engagement ring. But, all those concerns were completely alleviated after meeting with Chris and Ian. 

While I had some design ideas in mind, I was completely reassured by Ian's approach as he listened attentively and made excellent suggestions. We discussed timeframes, budgets and options for materials and stones, none of which were a problem.”

Rebecca’s engagement ring is a classic and timeless diamond ring design, yet it incorporates special elements related to their personal story. Most importantly, it is an expression of the values Rebecca and Te Kawa hold. The design is understated in nature to suit Rebecca’s style, with details which pay tribute to their heritage and passions. Two koru flow around the outer diamonds like the movement of the ocean currents, representing their individuality. They subtly connect the central diamond which symbolises their unity. Together, the three diamonds represent the past, present and the future.

Te Kawa met with The Village Goldsmith jeweller, Steve Parker, who was to craft the diamond ring, and he was also able to perform a karakia (blessing) upon the diamonds before they were set into the ring.

“Being able to meet everyone involved in the process of designing and crafting the ring made the whole experience truly special - a wonderful journey in itself. Now, my beautiful fiancée and I not only have a stunning and completely unique engagement ring, we also have a beautiful story and memories to go with the ring and the engagement.”

A proposal in paradise

So how did Te Kawa propose to Rebecca? The ocean once again played an important part. Over the New Year summer holiday, the couple chartered a yacht in the Bay of Islands where they explored the many idyllic coves and bays. Te Kawa kept the ring safely stowed, waiting for the right moment.

After landing on the picturesque Motuarohia Island, the couple found themselves in a secluded cove standing under the only flowering Pohutukawa tree on the island.

“I was admiring the Pohutukawa, when three Tūī flew into the tree and started singing intensely. It felt like my grandparents, my ancestors were there, and I took that as the sign that this was the place, and this was the time. So while Rebecca was admiring the Tūi, I got down on one knee… She said ‘Yes’ before I’d even had the chance to show her the ring!”

Our warmest congratulations to Te Kawa and Rebecca from the team at The Village Goldsmith. Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey and we wish you all the best for your future together!

Te Kawa’s Karakia

This is a precious treasure. A precious treasure that has come forth from Papatūānuku (earth mother). A precious treasure that symbolises my love, my love for Rebecca for evermore. This is a greeting to Papatūānuku, Rangi-nui (sky father) and their children for this precious treasure. A precious treasure that represents the uniting of our love.

Here are two koru representing us, representing the ocean, representing seeds that are growing, representing the wind, the breath of life. Tihei mauri ora.